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Benefits of a Credit Union

Member Payback

When Great Plains does well, it's the member-owners who benefit. For 14 of the last 16 years we have given back to the members in the form of interest rebates and bonus dividends. Total returned to credit union members exceeds $10 million!

Free Services 

Not only does Great Plains offer most of the financial services you need but many are at no cost. These include online and mobile banking plus bill payment service with no monthly limits. Click on the services tab above to check out the services provided by Great Plains.

Great Rates

Great Plains prides itself on consistently offering competitive savings and borrowing rates. Most financial institutions offer special rates for a limited time. These “specials” often come with relationship requirements like opening other accounts at the institution. They may also have fees associated with them or limitations that make them end up not being that special after all.  

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