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Just what is a credit union?

 Credit unions are not-for-profit, member owned financial cooperatives whose philosophy is, “Not for profit, but for service.” Every member is an equal owner and has a voice in the management of the credit union. Not all financial institutions are the same and the credit union difference is definitely one worth checking out.

Why choose Great Plains Federal Credit Union (GPFCU)? 

GPFCU is a full-service financial institution offering a wide variety of services. GPFCU offers various types of savings, checking, certificates, and IRA accounts. Financing is available for most any purpose including auto, home, and personal signature loans. GPFCU deposit and loan rates are some of the best around. There are many other no-cost or low-cost services available including the following FREE services:

One of the ways GPFCU has embodied the “Not for profit, but for service” spirit is by giving extra back to its members. Since 2005, GPFCU has given several hundred thousand dollars back to the membership in the form of bonus dividends on deposits and rebates of interest paid on loans. Some members received several hundred dollars during these years depending on their level of savings and borrowing.

How do I join GPFCU? 

Many employers currently offer membership to their employees as a Select Employee Group (SEG). Membership is also available to individuals living, working, worshiping, or attending schools in cities or counties where our branches are located. Immediate family members may also join. Immediate family member is defined as spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, or sibling of a member. This includes step and adoptive relationships. All it takes is a phone call to find out if you are eligible. Call (800)388-1318 or contact a local branch for more information.

What are you waiting for? 

Sorry, but we can’t answer that one because we can’t imagine why you haven’t contacted us about becoming a member.