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ADDRESS CHANGES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL.  Great Plains discourages including personal private information in email correspondence.  Account takeover often begins with an individual’s email account.  Regulatory directives also require additional verification before making address changes.  NetTeller online banking access requires knowledge of login credentials.   This additional security feature allows us to accept address change messages initiated within NetTeller.  Log in to NetTeller and click on the Contact Us link in the upper right. Be sure to include all applicable accounts and owners whose addresses have changed in your information.

You can also go to your local branch and complete an address change form.  If the post office forwarding order for your old address has not yet expired you can call 800-388-1318 and request an address change form be sent to you in the mail.  A form will be mailed to the address we have on record and should be forwarded to your new address by the post office.