Welcome to M.A.R.S.!

Great Plains Federal Credit Union is pleased to present our new 24 hour Member Audio Response System (M.A.R.S.). By using a touch-tone phone, you can access your account anytime, even weekends and holidays.

We know you're busy. Maybe you are unable to contact us during regular business hours or you need information now and can't wait for a statement. Now, you don't have to wait. M.A.R.S. is here to give you that information, when you need it, wherever you may be.

The credit union has always worked to give you quality customer service. This audio system allows us to greatly enhance the convenience of our services. We hope you find M.A.R.S. to be a great help! If you have any questions about M.A.R.S., please contact your local branch or call toll free 1-800-388-1318.

M.A.R.S. is available in Menu and Expert Mode:

Menu mode guides you through the system using voice prompts. Once you are familiar with M.A.R.S., the Expert mode allows you to conduct your business without the voice prompts. You can go directly to the options that will give you the information you want.

How to use M.A.R.S.

  • Call M.A.R.S. at 417-781-MARS(6277) or toll free at 1-877-404-MARS(6277).
  • M.A.R.S. will ask you for your account number. This is your six-digit base share account number. Do not include your share I.D. number or any leading zeros. For example, if your regular share were 001234-00, you would enter 1234.
  • Enter your access code. M.A.R.S. will know if you are a first time caller and instruct you to create an access code. This code must be four digits in length. You will then be prompted to enter your social security number for verification. 

Now you are ready to access your account conveniently and privately from your own home. You can transfer funds, make loan payments, check balances, and make other inquiries. You can also request statement copies, account histories, or share withdrawals.

Copy requests and share withdrawal checks will be sent out on the next business day. Operator available only during normal business hours. 

Draft Reorder is for established orders with no changes. Certain transactions are subject to normal fees.

M.A.R.S. is a convenient, anytime source for information and access to your credit union accounts. The two menu modes allow you to go at your own pace. Please use discretion when using M.A.R.S. Your access code is confidential. If you have reason to believe that some unauthorized person may have knowledge of your access code, change it immediately and contact the credit union if you believe any unauthorized transactions may have occurred. Review your account statements for accuracy and error resolution procedures.