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Online Account Access is now available!

Great Plains is committed to serving you. This means providing you with a banking solution that can meet your needs with convenience. That's why we are offering you NetTeller. NetTeller is a free service. NetTeller allows you to manage your money and pay bills 24 hours a day from any Internet connection. For security reasons, we cannot disclose access codes via E-mail or telephone.

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M.A.R.S. Information


What if I'm not currently signed up for M.A.R.S. or NetTeller?

You can call us at (417) 626-8500 or toll-free at (800)388-1318. 

After accessing the account summary, why won't any of the other functions work?

Your browser is probably set to alert you about "cookies". Disable this function on your browser (see "What are Cookies"). Cookies are used by NetTeller to verify that the information being sent is going to you and only you. 

How can I download the information into Quicken or MONEY?

After selecting "Quicken Download" from the History Inquiries Menu, you name the file to download and what directory to download to (be sure and make note of where you download the file to. You must then "Import" the information into your program. If your browser does not add the ".qif" extension to the file, you will need to do so manually before importing it into your program. There are important limitations with regard to the download, so please read the Download Limitations page. 

My account says it's frozen, what happened, and what do I do?

As part of the security of the system, your account will be frozen after three attempts to log on with an incorrect access code. This works for both M.A.R.S. and NetTeller. If you receive the message that the account is frozen, contact the credit union for assistance. 

When I log on, I get a message stating when the last successful/unsuccessful logon occurred. What is this?

M.A.R.S. and NetTeller maintain records of successful and unsuccessful logons. This is another security feature to allow you to verify your last logon. Please note, both systems use the same records, so the last logon could be to either M.A.R.S. or NetTeller. 

Download Limitations

Quicken, MSMoney and NetTeller are not integrated products. Integration would require a re-design of the mainframe-based member accounts software used at Great Plains and/or a re-design of Quicken and of MSMoney. Thus the transaction history download has limitations.

It is simply lines of text taken from your account history and then inserted into the correct places in your Quicken or MSMoney register. Example: If you entered all your checks into Quicken as you wrote them, and then downloaded all your transactions from Home Banking and imported them, then the checks which have cleared our system will be duplicated in your Quicken register. One will have the date you entered/wrote the check, the other entry will have the date it cleared our system, both entries will have the same check number, both will have the same dollar amount. Both will subtract that dollar amount from your balance, etc. You will need to go through and delete one or the other of the duplicate entries and keep entries (for example: interest earned on the account) which were downloaded but were not previously entered by hand.

Another limitation is that if you download and import transaction history twice for the same date range, those transactions will also be duplicated. An alternative and recommended way to handle this if you are making Quicken entries by hand and also want to download would be to create a special Quicken or MSMoney account which is ONLY for your downloaded-imported data. Once the downloaded data is imported into that account you can very simply copy and paste or cut and paste individual transactions (for example: interest earned and automatic electronic transfers) from that account into your working account. Once the cutting and pasting is finished, you would delete all transactions from that special 'download' account so it has no transactions and a zero dollar balance and thus won't affect tax and other global calculations done by the program.