New Banno Online and Mobile Banking

Great Plains new online and mobile platforms are now available.  Online access will continue to be done via our website,  Just enter your user name in the Username box in the upper right of our home page.  When you attempt to log into our current mobile app, you will be directed to download the new app.

Your current online and mobile user names and passwords will work with the new platforms.  However, you will be prompted to set up additional multi-factor identification.  This is just to keep your information more secure.  PLEASE NOTE:  Multi-factor notifications will only be sent when initiated by you.  If you ever receive this notification unexpectedly, DO NOT provide that information to anyone.  Scammers often are able to obtain certain information on your account and need only to get this last bit of information to access your accounts.  Beware of incoming calls asking for this even if the number appears to be from the credit union.

Existing transfer information and bill payment information will migrate to the new applications.  However, if you have notifications set, you will need to reset those in the new platforms.  If you don’t currently use notifications, we encourage you to do so.  This is a great way to monitor your account for unauthorized transactions.  It may also help you avoid fees.  Transaction activity, balance levels, and other situations may be eligible for notification.


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