A virtual portal so you can manage payments the way you want, whenever you want.

Web Payments Just a Click Away
Click Here to go to the Payrazr payment portal.

Use Your Preferred Payment Method


Note:  Convenience fees will be charged. 

$5.00* – Debit/Credit Card

$3.00* – eCheck from an external checking account

Need to Speak to a Representative?

Member service assistance is available.  Please call 1-800-388-1318 for assistance.  Our knowledgeable staff is available to serve you during normal business hours. 

Note:  Payments made via phone will be subject to a $7.50* convenience fee.

*Fees subject to change.



Cash or Check

Payments can still be made by stopping by one of our branches.  Either visit our lobbies or pull in to one of our drive through locations.  Please be sure to include your account number and loan ID with your payment. 


Pay by Mail

Payments can still be made by mail via check or money order.  Please be sure to include your account number and loan ID with your payment.  We suggest you mail your payment at least seven days prior to the due date to avoid any late fees.

Auto Transfer From Your Great Plains Account

Initiate direct deposit with your employer and then your recurring payment can be set up to transfer automatically from your Great Plains savings or checking on the due date.

Other External Options

Your other institution may offer a service where they will originate an auto debit from your account there.  They may also offer a bill payment service that may be used to originate payments for your Great Plains loans.